Guadalupe County officials are working on a Major Thoroughfare Plan, which is a long-term template that helps plan for future transportation needs.

By utilizing this plan, county officials will also be able to make short-term decisions related to roadway funding and the preservation of developing corridors, according to the county website.

The plan will identify general alignments and roadway classifications needed to accommodate transportation needs, allow proactive planning for future roadway improvements, and facilitate mobility and connectivity throughout the region, according to the county website.

The plan will not:
  • Define the final alignment of roadways
  • Provide any environmental studies of the alignments
  • Provide final construction documents for any roadways
  • Define the timing or priority of roadways
  • Construct roadways or acquire property
Throughout the planning process, residents will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on county transportation projects and needs.

While a date for a public meeting has not been established, residents can complete a survey online to help guide the plan. A public meeting is expected to happen by the end of the year.