Cibolo Valley Drive is one of Cibolo’s main thoroughfares, running from I-35 to FM 1103.

Due to the amount of traffic on the roadway and the traffic coming from the Bentwood Ranch subdivision, a traffic warrant study for a four-way stop at the intersection of Cibolo Valley Drive and Bentwood Ranch Drive was conducted by KFW Engineers.

On March 28, City Council approved the study, which will create the four-way stop and add crosswalks to the intersection.

According to Timothy Fousse, the city's director of public works and capital projects, the four-way stop and crosswalks will be added to the intersection as part of the Cibolo Valley Drive reconstruction project.

The four-way stop will be completed prior to the final striping of Cibolo Valley Drive, and advance warning signs will be placed to make drivers aware of the traffic change.