On March 14, Tri County Parkway closed at the intersection of I-35. One lane of the frontage road at the Tri County Parkway intersection was also closed.

According to the city of Schertz, closures are for the removal of the large monument sign, and once the sign removal is complete, the intersection and traffic lane will reopen.

The reconstruction of Tri County Parkway is still underway, with city staff anticipating the project to be completed in the spring.

This $5.29 million project includes a new asphalt base which will be stronger than the traditional gravel base and provide more support and structural capacity for Tri County Parkway from Corridor Parkway to FM 3009, and on Lookout Road from Doerr Lane to Tri County Parkway.

The project also includes a new sewer line installation which progresses east to Tri County Parkway and down the roadway to FM 3009.

In February, the final paving of the road began, which is one of the last steps as the project nears completion, according to Schertz staff.