The Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program began in 1983 as a way for local churches to assist the community with food, utilities and other needs.

Program Director Lisa Loftus said RACAP is a nonprofit that uses community donations and resources to help serve people in need.

“We provide emergency groceries for families; we help with prescription fees; and we offer utility assistance,” Loftus said.

RACAP offers assistance to residents living within ZIP codes that include 78108, 78109, 78124, 78132, 78148, 78154, 78247, 78266 and part of 78233 that lies within Live Oak.

Once a year, RACAP offers prescription assistance of up to $100, and help with rent or utilities. Food assistance is offered more frequently.

“We can help them once every six months,” Loftus said. “And we give them about two shopping carts’ worth of food, so it’s not like we give them a little bag and send them on the way.”

Throughout 2022, RACAP paid $106,482.27 in rent, which helped 495 families.

Overall, assistance was provided to 3,056 people; 2,136 people were fed. The nonprofit also gave $44,653 for utility assistance, $3,354 for medical and $9,909 for the pantry.

The nonprofit relies on more than 70 volunteers who take on shifts.

“We always have a need,” Loftus said. “With the rise of inflation, we are seeing some of our prices skyrocket, which makes it harder on us to give as much as we’d like.”