On Dec. 2, a fundraiser was held at Blue Bonnet Palace to raise money to help Garden Ridge officer Cory Hackenberg pay his medical bills after a life-threatening motorcycle accident in August.

According to Holly McKay, Garden Ridge Police Officer and organizer of the event, the goal of the fundraiser was to raise roughly $25,000 for the medical bills and helping with everyday life.

“He had just gotten off a side job heading home, and he crashed,” McKay said. “It was pretty bad and he suffered severe injuries where he should be dead. He’s alive, walking though and a walking miracle. His [paid time off] has run down, and all the money raised will go to help him with medical bills and everyday expenses.”

Funds were raised through selling barbecue plates, having auctions and donations from a multitude of sponsors. McKay said she was thankful for the support by the community, Audi North Park, Blue Bonnet Palace and all others who contributed.

For Hackenberg, having the support of the community showed him that people care and want to help when others are in need.

“This is more than I expected,” said. “Luckily I work in a community and a city that has a tendency to really take care of its officers. I expected something, but this is far beyond what I thought it would be.”

With all the support, Hackenberg said he wants his fellow officers to know they are not alone in the community and have a network of people who appreciate their work.

“Hopefully the rest of the department hears about this and sees this and realizes they are not alone,” said. “We have a community and job that really supports us. It’s one of those things where I hope for everybody to get together on literally every other occasion, but I do appreciate all the support.”