Cibolo staff on March 26 gave a presentation for the design of a public safety facility, which is planned to be funded through a bond on the November ballot.

The background

According to the presentation, City Council approved funding for the design of a proposed public safety facility in the fiscal year 2022-23 budget.

During the Aug. 22 meeting, City Council awarded a contract to Eikon Consulting Group to design the new facility, which was funded through certificates of obligation in 2023.

The project

The facility would allow the police department, fire department and other public safety personnel to have a facility where additional training and safety preparation could be held. With the new facility, the response times of the police and fire departments would be reduced for the southern portion of the city, according to the project website.

The project is designed to feature:
  • A burn building
  • Emergency medical services exam room
  • Sleeping quarters
  • Office spaces
  • Storage areas
  • Other features
Additional information about the project and upcoming bond can be found here. City staff will continue to update the bond website with information and upcoming dates for public input.