According to results from the 2023 Cibolo Resident Survey, 92% of respondents rated the overall quality of life in the city as excellent or good.

Traffic flow was the lowest rated overall category, with 32% of respondents rating it as excellent or good. According to the survey synopsis, the average rating for cities in the region is 31%.

The background

In September, the Cibolo City Council approved an interlocal agreement with Texas State University to conduct the survey.

In October, surveys were mailed to 2,500 households throughout the city, with 300 surveys targeting apartments. Of the surveys sent out, 304 were completed, according to the survey results.

An open survey was also available online, which had 101 responses from residents.

Using the information from the survey, a presentation was put on the City Council agenda for Feb. 13, highlighting resident responses. Rating options in the survey ranged from excellent to poor.

More details

Highlights in the survey results show that 27% of respondents rated street repair as excellent or good, making it one of the lowest rated categories within the survey, according to the survey results.

In the protective services category of the survey, respondents rated police, fire and emergency medical services above 90% excellent or good.

Within this category, 67% of respondents rated animal services as excellent or good. To resolve issues with animal services, city staff plans to put forth a bond proposition in the November election for the construction of a new facility.

All survey results and a breakdown of the survey data can be found here.

What’s next

With this being the first resident survey from the city of Cibolo and having a response rate of 12%, city staff will look to improve the survey in the future to hopefully receive more responses from residents, Mayor Mark Allen said during the Feb. 13 meeting.

“We definitely look at this as a first step,” Allen said. “Surveys are very important, and we are going to do more of them.”

The City Council will include resident feedback during the fiscal year 2024-25 Strategic Management Workshop, which is scheduled for March 16.