Guadalupe County Judge Kyle Kutscher issued a declaration of local disaster for Guadalupe County effective Sept. 7. According to a Sept. 7 news release, the declaration is due to extreme drought and wildfires.

“During this extreme drought, the county has been battling numerous fires that have severely impacted residents with the loss of homes and property damage,” Kutscher said in the release. “This declaration has the potential to protect lives and property as there is little to no rain in the forecast. We urge all citizens to take safety precautions during these severe hot temperatures.”
A burning house in Guadalupe County.
Drought conditions have caused an increased number of fire emergencies. (Courtesy Guadalupe County)
The release also shared information from Assistant Fire Marshal Bryce Houlton, stating that local fire departments have been overwhelmingly busy due to a notable number of brush fires. According to Houlton, these fires have burned a total of 524 acres.

Texas Government Code Chapter 418 gives the county judge the power to declare a local disaster. The declaration allows the county to receive emergency resources.

The declaration expires seven days after it is issued, unless the Commissioners Court consents to its renewal or continuance, according to the declaration.