On Aug. 22, Cibolo City Council will hold a fourth public hearing for the adoption of the redistricting final plan.

This plan will change the makeup of the City Council from seven single-member districts to four single-member districts and three at-large districts.

Voters approved this change in the November election, and city staff has been working on developing a plan for the areas the resized districts will cover.

Two options were presented to residents over the course of three public hearings, where residents were encouraged to provide feedback on the plan they prefer and any concerns with the plans.

Following the Aug. 15 town hall, there was a suggestion to move the new Red River subdivision from District 4 to District 2.

Updated plans and documents regarding the redistricting plan can be found on the city website.

Following the approval of the plan, the first set of new council seats will take effect for the next City Council election in November 2024.

The Aug. 22 meeting will be held at Noble Group Event Center, located at 203 S. Main St., Cibolo. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.