For 40 years, the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch has supported the conservation of animals by providing a natural free-roaming habitat.

The overview

Since the wildlife ranch was created in 1984, it has been recognized by various organizations for its work in conservation, which includes being one of seven conservation centers in Conservation Centers for Species Survival, that aim to preserve endangered species.

As part of the conservation work at NBWR, the organization celebrated the birth of a White Rhino baby, Truda in 2023. Only 15 white rhinos are born in the U.S. each year, Animal Husbandry Director Tiffany Soechting said in an email.

What else?

While the focus of the ranch is wildlife conservation, guest experiences are offered to help the public learn more about the species at NBWR.

Private guided tours are offered each day, including private rhino and giraffe tours.

Additional information about the wildlife ranch, tours, animals and conservation efforts can be found here.