In the Northeast San Antonio Metrocom, the cities of Universal City, Live Oak and Cibolo have city council elections alongside board of trustee races for Judson ISD.

Early voting was held from April 24-May 2, and election day was May 6 from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Following the closing of polls, early voting results were released on the Bexar and Guadalupe County websites.

In Bexar County, the early voting turnout was 10.57% of registered voters, and registered 8.32% of voters in Guadalupe County.

Universal City

In Universal City, Christina Fitzpatrick, Ashton Bulman and Bear Goolsby lead early voting numbers for three open City Council seats with 21.89%, 18.77% and 18.68% of votes, respectively. They were the top three vote-getters out of six candidates who ran in the race.

Bernard Rubal received 15.48% of early votes, Richard “Dick” Neville received 14.72% and Richard Edwards received 10.46%.

Universal City has three at-large positions available, which are held by William Shelby, Neville and Goolsby. Goolsby and Neville ran as incumbents, while Shelby did not file an application in the election.

Universal City voters selected three candidates on the ballot, and the top three vote-getters will be the new City Council members.

Live Oak

In the city of Live Oak City Council race for Place 1, Mendell D. Morgan Jr., the incumbent, held off LaTonya Green and Angela Green with 249, or 56.21%, of early votes.

LaTonya Green received 27.32% of votes, and Angela Green received 16.48% of votes.

Places 3 and 5 were also being decided and are held by Erin Perez and Aaron Dahl, respectively. Both ran uncontested and will be sworn in following the canvassing of the votes.


Voters within Cibolo District 5 selected between four candidates for City Council District 5 on the May 6 ballot.

The District 5 seat was left vacant when Mark Allen was elected mayor in January.

The candidates are Shari McDaniel, Jeff McGlothin, Norma Sanchez Stephens and Joe Potts.

Following early voting totals, Norma Sanchez Stephens leads with 187, or 47.34% of votes, while Jeff McGlothin received 37.22%, Shari McDaniel received 9.87% and Joe Potts received 5.57%

Judson ISD

On the ballot, Judson ISD had two board of trustees contested for the two at-large districts.

For the Place 6 seat, incumbent Renee Paschall ran against Laura Stanford.

For the Place 7 seat, incumbent Rafael Diaz ran against Monica Ryan.

Early voting results for Place 6 show Stanford leading with 1,973, or 53.32%, of early votes, while Paschall received 1,727, or 46.68%, of early votes.

For Place 7, Ryan received 2,715, or 72.55%, of early votes while Diaz received 1,027, or 27.45%, of early votes.

The single-member District 1 seat was also on the ballot for 2023, but incumbent Suzanne Kenoyer ran uncontested, meaning she will retain her seat following the canvassing of the votes.

All results are unofficial until canvassed. Visit to see results from all elections.