The city of Universal City has a contested City Council race with six candidates on the May 6 ballot.

Three at-large positions are available, which are held by William Shelby, Richard “Dick” Neville and S. Bear Goolsby.

Goolsby and Neville are running as incumbents, while Shelby did not file an application in the election.

Four other candidates—Richard Edwards, Ashton Bulman, Christina Fitzpatrick and Bernard Rubal—will also be on the ballot.

With each seat being at large, residents will vote for three candidates and the top three vote-getters in the election will be sworn in following the canvassing of the votes.

Read Q&A's with each candidate below. Candidates were asked to keep responses under 75 words, answer the question provided and avoid attacking opponents. Answers may have been edited or cut to adhere to those guidelines, or for style and clarity.

Early voting will begin April 24 and run through May 2. Election day is May 6.

* indicates incumbent

Ashton Bulman

Experience: I have attended every City Council meeting for over a year. I have spoken at several of these City Council meetings. I have volunteered for several city events. I have the ability to listen, respond to every citizen's concerns, and make sure they are heard. I home-school my three children and I have practiced explaining positions in an easy-to-understand format that will serve me well on council.

Occupation: Homeschool mother of three

Candidate Website:

Contact Information: 210-627-4289

Why are you running for office?

I am running because I want to make the city a better place to live. I believe I offer a fresh and new perspective from a younger generation. I believe every citizen deserves to be heard and represented. From my experience in block walking, I have talked to so many citizens who feel like the City Council never considers them or even responds to them. I want to be the change.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

Helping the city become more transparent by getting out information to citizens. Be it publishing information early or in several places. Safety is another concern, starting to learn which areas are having issues and how we can support them better. Being fiscally conservative when voting on city spending. Making sure that things we all use, such as fire and police, are funded before spending money on things that are not as essential.

Christina Fitzpatrick

Experience: Community involvement and active volunteer work. Served on: Planning & Zoning, Economic Development Committee. Active role in local nonprofits: UCCPAAA –UC Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Parks Partners -Board Member, Pug Rescue of Austin. Organization and execution of major fundraising events; experience in project management; financial services; marketing; finance compliance; extensive experience and leadership in crisis management.

Occupation: project manager

Contact Information: 210-876-5094

Why are you running for office?

Universal City is a great community, and I want to make that true for our future generations. I want to serve on a Council that makes decisions for the betterment of the community now and in the future. I have regularly attended Council meetings and done research on agenda items to gain insight into the decision-making process. I have served/voted on city boards. With my experiences, I am a great choice to serve on the City Council.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

The city needs to be empowered with the necessary funding to provide essential services to the residents. Our real opportunity to provide ongoing property tax relief will be to focus on economic growth opportunities. I will focus on communication between the city and the residents and businesses. I will focus on serving the needs and interests of our residents and businesses so that Universal City remains a safe and thriving place to live, work and visit.

Bernard Rubal

Experience: Greater than 40 years’ experience in research and data analysis; skilled in the application of scientific methods to define and solve problems. Authored peer reviewed research studies. Served as director of data analysis and research section, cardiology service, Brooke Army Medical Center. Statistical analysis, team leader, research investigator; developed business plan converting government support MWR activity (morale, welfare and recreation activity) into a successful nonprofit corporation. Education: PhD in medical physiology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston

Occupation: research physiologist

Candidate Website:

Contact Information: 210-659-2508

Why are you running for office?

Realizing that not all change is progress and not all challenges can be overcome quickly, I am running because I feel our city can better prioritize the use of tax revenues to address “our needs before our wants.” There is a need for greater transparency and improvements in our city’s operations beginning with the budget review process, term limits, better district representation, and elimination of sole source contract practices and unnecessary permit fees.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

Clearly define city’s funding priorities based on critical service responsibilities (safety and infrastructure). Eliminate future sole source waste management contracts; reduce or eliminate unnecessary permit fees; promote code compliance rather than code avoidance; full compliance with Texas State Comptroller Transparency Stars Program; term limits for mayor and council members; require solid business plans for city enterprise operations ensuring long-term sustainability without additional tax burden; address city noncompliance with municipal codes and Texas State regulations

Richard “Dick” Neville*

Experience: Love being a citizen of Universal City for 42 years. Consider myself a neighbor helping neighbors; Bachelor of Arts in history and political science from University of Alabama. Master of Arts in church administration; Master of Arts in theology, St. Mary’s San Antonio; present council member; treasurer, UCEDC; represents Universal City on Joint Base SA/Community Partnership Committee; alternate representative to Alamo Area Council of Governments.

Occupation: Retired U.S. Air Force CMSgt

Contact Information: N/A

Why are you running for office?

The candidate did not respond.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

Will continue using my proven leadership skills to attract new businesses adding new property and sales taxes; support upgrading Infrastructure.

S. Bear Goolsby*

Experience: Father; husband; Universal City resident 20-plus years; Universal City business owner 15 years; architect; member at Grace Community Church; member of the Economic Development Committee; previous honorary commander with [Joint Base San Antonio]; retired scout leader; WatchDOGS (Dads.Of.Great.Students); volunteered at various city events.

Occupation: architect/owner

Contact Information: 210-385-4895

Why are you running for office?

I feel my ability to see various sides of an issue allows me to temper those with an agenda or conversely those who lack vision. We shouldn't accept the status quo, but to push for better, to always be improving our city for the community.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

Continuing the betterment of the community, focusing on the aviation district revitalization as this will have a snowball effect throughout the city. Pushing our community golf course to be self-sufficient while looking for opportunities to make it even more inclusive. Keeping our fire and police staffed and equipped to keep Universal City safe. Work on an infrastructure improvements plan for the city.

Richard Edwards

Experience: As a lifelong independent thinker and constitutionalist, I have lived my entire life working hard, supporting my family, living within my means and being a good neighbor. Running for City Council is a natural outgrowth of my values and political philosophy, as serving the people is the highest form of civic virtue. I have studied our city charter, bylaws and ordinances, and will independently research all agenda items before voting!

Occupation: inventory control manager (20 years)

Candidate Website:

Contact Information: 210-427-1154

Why are you running for office?

Cities are created to serve the people and should be obliged to do so. Gentrification, overregulation and withholding information does not serve the public. The council is too focused on a fanciful future and not enough on the here and now; the dreams of the few should not be the plight of the many. I seek to promulgate all public information, to defend individual rights and protect our neighborhoods from the onslaught of "progress."

If elected, what will be your priorities?

My highest priority will be caring for our neighborhoods, and repairing our streets and alleys. I'm intent on revisiting and modifying all city codes, ordinances and regulations to safeguard the best interests of the Universal City public. I believe the Aviation District Master Plan should be immediately suspended and reconsidered. I also think the golf course and [UC]EDC need to be independently audited and the results fully explained in open session of the City Council.