Judson ISD District 5 trustee Jennifer Rodríguez on June 25 announced her resignation, citing relocating for a job opportunity as the reason.

The overview

Rodríguez has been a member of the board of trustees since 2017 and was most recently sworn in for a term in May 2021, which was set to expire in May 2025.

During the June 25 meeting, Rodríguez said she has appreciated the support from the community and the district over the last seven years.

“I hope that I have left some small mark on the district,” she said. “You have certainly left a huge impression on me, and I have grown so much in my leadership over the last seven years serving in this capacity.”

What’s next?

With her resignation, the board of trustees agreed to fill the vacancy by opening applications for potential candidates.

Applications will be open for around three weeks before the board of trustees begins the interview process for potential District 5 board members. This process is expected to take place during the week of July 22.

Following the appointment of a new trustee, they will serve the remainder of the term through May 2025.

In early 2025, applications will be available for candidates to file for a place on the May ballot. Voters will approve the new trustee at that time.