Applications for the Judson STEM Academy are now open through Feb. 23.

What parents should know

Applications are for fifth grade students entering sixth grade in the 2024-25 school year. Parents of incoming seventh and eighth grade students can be put on a waiting list but must contact 210-945-1159. To qualify for the wait list, students must have taken pre-Advanced Placement or honors classes during their sixth and seventh grade years.

Applications are only available to students who reside within JISD.

For students who qualify for the program, a lottery will be held March 5 to select students for the academy.

More details

According to the district website, JSTEM is an academic program located at Judson Middle School.

Through this academy, students will be provided a rigorous course of study focused on science, technology, engineering and math.

Students within the program must be able to work through advanced coursework at an accelerated pace, and complete required coursework as well as a variety of projects within multiple classes simultaneously, according to the application.

This program also requires that students achieve an attendance rate of 96% current and ongoing, and that students maintain good behavior. Students cannot have more than two office referrals, and must have at least one positive recommendation from a principal, teacher or counselor.

Additional information on the program and application can be found here.