Growth in Cibolo is expected to make its way south as Texas Department of Transportation prepares expansion to I-10.

With these upcoming improvements, Cibolo City Council on May 9 approved a $98,807 contract between Kimley-Horn and Associates and the Cibolo Economic Development Corp. to conduct an I-10 corridor plan. The contract will be funded through the CEDC.

According to Economic Development Director Kelsee Jordan Lee, the report will result in a plan for the corridor and an implementation strategy with best practices that will be adopted to complement the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan Update.

Meeting highlights

During the meeting, council had concerns about the timing of the plan aligning with TxDOT working on I-10.

City Manager Wayne Reed said the city can use the TxDOT plan to its advantage by planning around upcoming changes to the I-10 corridor.

“By having a plan in place, we can anticipate and start building strategies off of that,” Reed said. “If we don’t plan now, and we wait for improvements to be done, we may be finding that a lack of a plan puts us out of a competitive advantage with the communities we compete against.”

Lee said the reason for having a plan that focuses on an area is to look for development opportunities and room for growth in an area that needs special attention.

Next steps

The process is expected to take 10-11 months and include a corridor evaluation, transportation analysis, public engagement and other study areas.

The project will be done in five phases with the first phase focused on project management coordination.

Other phases will include evaluation and analysis of the corridor, public engagement, concept development and recommendation for the final plan.

Opportunities for public input will be held throughout the development of the plan. Public engagement will be done through stakeholder meetings, online updates/promotions of the plan and community events.