After months of council discussion, the proposed townhome development in the Northcliffe area of Schertz was denied.

City Council discussed the rezoning ordinance April 25 after tabling the discussion during the April 6 meeting.

The proposed development would include 51 townhome buildings making a total of 198 units.

Throughout the rezoning process, residents of the communities surrounding the proposed development spoke against the rezoning and have proposed a potential public improvement district.

Mayor Ralph Gutierrez prefaced the discussion with comments regarding the role of council and their responsibility to the city.

Gutierrez said council is charged with making a decision on whether the development and growth benefits the city in the future, and should the development fail, what development will take its place one day.

“The question is, ‘Is this development good for our city?’ And at some point the answer will be yes,” Gutierrez said.

Some residents had concerns regarding the development not following the city’s Unified Development Code.

Council Member Allison Heyward said since the proposed development is a planned development district, it allows for modifications outside the UDC.

“It is a PDD; it can be modified with our UDC,” she said.

Due to property owners triggering a supermajority vote for the proposed development, City Council needed six out of seven votes for the ordinance to be approved.

Five council members voted for ordinance while two voted against. Council Members David Scagliola and Mark Davis voting against the proposal, which did not give the ordinance the 75% supermajority needed for it to pass.

The full meeting can be viewed here.