The Guadalupe County Commissioners Court on Feb. 14 approved a contract with Debra J. Dockery, Architect, P.C. for architectural/engineering services for the renovation of a building located on Elbel Road.

The contract covers the concept phase of the project, which has an anticipated timeline of four to six weeks. The contract is in the amount of $46,380.

The Commissioners Court also approved an office space allocation form, which will relocate departments housed in the building on Elbel to the Guadalupe County Services Center, located off FM 78. Departments will be relocated until the completion of the renovation.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Michael Carpenter said the relocation option will allow the renovation of the entire building rather than breaking the project into segments.

“Having everything at [FM] 78, at least temporarily, allows for our constituents, the taxpayers who paid for this and are paying for the renovations, to only have to go to one place,” Carpenter said.