For several years, owner and nature lover Melissa Servin has followed a holistic lifestyle for her personal well-being. She opened Sweet Land of Litter Free, an eco-friendly goods store on FM 2252 with the intention of providing a small and personalized way of supporting one’s health and home.

“I found it necessary to reassess everything going into my body and into my home and it led me to questioning my consumer and consumption habits," Servin said.

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Sweet Land of Litter Free is a refill store where organic household goods like cleaning supplies and personal care products are available to purchase in reusable bottles by weight. Customers are also encouraged to bring their own clean containers in effort to reduce plastic waste.

Customers can replace everyday plastics for bamboo hair and tooth brushes, toothpaste, reusable paper towels and more at their plastic-free swap section.

Servin said she hopes Sweet Land of Litter Free will continue to inform the community about zero waste efforts and preserve waterways and green spaces.