For those looking for flower arrangements for personal use, special occasions and events, Grey House Blooms offers custom designs.

Tammy Weissmann and Jeri Twenter opened the location on Schertz Main Street in January 2023, in the building that was formerly Contreras Flowers and Gifts.

What they offer

Prior to the opening of Grey House Blooms, Contreras Flowers and Gifts marked the corner of Main Street for more than 50 years, Weissmann said.

“We are still telling people that Contreras is no longer here and that we are a new flower shop,” Weissmann said.

A selection of natural and artificial flowers are available at the shop, with Weissmann and Twenter available to help guests pick the best flowers for the occasion.
Grey House Bloom flowers
The shop offers arrangements for special occasions, events and personal use. (Jarrett Whitener/Community Impact)
What to expect

Depending on the color, flower type and other factors, arrangements can be made on the same day, or may take a couple of weeks to complete.

“Thankfully for us, we have a wholesaler that is close by, so it makes it a little easier for us to get special flowers when people want them,” Weissmann said.

The shop also offers arrangements for larger occasions such as weddings, funerals and other events.

For these event types, the owners recommend visiting a few months in advance when possible to ensure the appropriate arrangements are made. Guests in need of artificial flowers will also need to request the flowers in advance.

Online, the store offers the ability to purchase arrangements, which can be picked up from the store. Delivery options are available to a limited area around the shop.

Weissmanm and Twenter said they have appreciated the community reception and enjoy providing flower services for Schertz.

“We are thankful for people being inquisitive on what’s inside the shop now, and our door is always open,” Twenter said.