On Nov. 9, Old Main Ice House—located on Main Street in Cibolo—suffered a major fire, which burned the interior of the building.

Following the incident, Cibolo city officials made a post on Facebook commending the work of the fire department.

“I appreciate the excellent work of the fire department in its response to this fire,” City Manager Wayne Reed said in the post. “Because of their training and readiness, the fire did not consume the entire building. This will allow the structure and facade to remain.”

Despite the damage, the business will be able to repair and re-open at a later date. As of publication time, the cause of the fire is under investigation.

In the meantime, the owner of the business requests that patrons support the Bar House and The Hidden Grove, located on Main Street in Schertz. Live music events will be moved to The Hidden Grove, which will be open daily.