Tammy and Theo Marsh opened Popcorn Piccadilly in 2017 after 24 years of traveling and living abroad.

With Theo retiring from the U.S. Air Force, the couple needed to decide what to do next. They decided to open a gourmet popcorn store.

“We were having a conversation, and I said I was going to pray on it,” Tammy said. “[Theo] came home the next morning, and I said, ‘Hey, do you want to open up a popcorn store?’”

According to Tammy, making popcorn recipes came from the need to provide popcorn on a commercial level for homeowners association events.

“I was purchasing a lot of popcorn for our HOA’s events,” she said. “After a while, it was so expensive, and I had to create popcorn for 300-and-something families plus the families they would bring. We were looking at hundreds of dollars a month.”

She said a friend in Dallas showed them how to make popcorn on a commercial level, and with that knowledge they created different flavor recipes.

Using inspiration from their travels, the Marshes began testing different flavors, which led them to create around 2,000 recipes.

“All of these influences from wherever we lived dominated the menu...,” Tammy said. “We learned to make flavors that other people are receptive to and that they like.”

There are 170 flavors on the menu at any given time, and flavors are rotated

every 10 days, Tammy said. The store also offers seasonal flavors.

Popular flavors include birthday cake, Mexican street corn and banana pudding.

Outside of popcorn, the store offers novelty candy, sodas and other products to offer something for any customer who walks into the store.

“Because our store is Steampunk themed, we wanted something to fit the era,” Tammy said. “We have sodas that have been in production since 1892 and we have candies that were in production around that time. It is just a walk down memory lane for every age group.”

Tammy said Popcorn Piccadilly was a passion project that was all about providing something people can enjoy.

“Our mindset from the very beginning was to bless others and not solely to make money off of others,” Tammy said. “We wanted to create something that we can always give back. We don’t want our customers to miss out on something that is truly nostalgic and fun and family-friendly, but still affordable.”