The San Antonio Neighborhood and Housing Services Department and the San Antonio Community Resource Directory have partnered to roll out a new housing services portal to pull, maintain and distribute information on housing-related services provided in San Antonio.

The background

According to an April 23 news release, city officials launched the portal with training for local nonprofit organizations that provide supportive services for people seeking housing services and support.

City officials said the portal will act as a digital one-stop-shop site for supportive housing services, following up on a recommendation included in the city’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan, which calls for developing a housing “one-stop” hub for housing-related services.

City representatives said individuals who visit the portal can find information on local affordable places to live, recommendations for utility and rental aid, legal help, eviction intervention, relocation services, home repairs, maintenance, and more.

The release states the portal is available in English and Spanish, and was developed with feedback from various housing and human services providers, and other community organizations.

SACRD will offer training sessions on the portal to interested community partners, agencies and other stakeholders.

What they’re saying

Veronica Garcia, the city’s neighborhood and housing services department director, said the new housing services portal will become a key resource meant to streamline access to housing services and expand support in the community.

"The launch of this portal signifies a crucial step forward in our efforts to address housing challenges and ensure access to housing-related resources,” Garcia said in a statement.

Bill Neely, executive director for SACRD, said he is grateful for the opportunity for his agency to partner with the city to collect and share information on vital services.

“The housing services portal is an innovative extension to our already widely used platform. We look forward to getting out into the community and sharing this exciting new tool with all those working to address housing related needs,” Neely said in a statement.