The Puppy Food Bank will begin serving Texas no-kill pet rescues from its North San Antonio location in January.

Organizers held a Dec. 15 press conference to announce the start of the Puppy Food Bank, a virtual food bank that will rely on donations and partnerships to secure food shipments for pet rescues and animal shelters statewide.

The food bank’s administrative headquarters is in the Northwest Center office building, 7550 W. I-10, home to advertising firm The PM Group and the nonprofit SA YES.

San Antonio-area organization God’s Dogs Rescue will be the first group to benefit from a Puppy Food Bank shipment, according to food bank Director Danielle Gunter.

“We will work hard with organizations that believe in our mission, which is every animal can be saved and should be saved and should be able to find a good home,” Gunter said, adding a lack of food and resources should not deter animal rescues.

It was also announced actor and television personality John O’Hurley will be the Puppy Food Bank’s ambassador. O’Hurley, who has hosted the Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s National Dog Show for 20 years, said dogs have a special place in many people’s lives.

“They do great things yet do not know what they do,” O’Hurley said.

O’Hurley said the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic spurred many people who found themselves working from home to adopt a pet for companionship.

But as the pandemic has waned and more people have returned to work, many pet owners have surrendered their pets, causing an influx or even overcrowding at animal shelters.

“This strains [shelters’] budget and affects their ability to function,” O’Hurley said.

O’Hurley said the creation of the Puppy Food Bank is an “easy solution” toward helping animal shelters and pet rescue groups that struggle to find enough food for the animals in their care.

O’Hurley suggested individuals can donate about $11 a month to help support the Puppy Food Bank.

“I think it’s something most people can do, especially when they realize the great good that it does,” he said.