Caliber, the Lewisville company whose brands include Caliber Collision, Caliber Auto Care and Caliber Auto Glass, is supporting the San Antonio Food Bank and other food banks nationwide as part of its 11th annual Restoring You food drive through June 17.

According to a Caliber news release, the food drive “demonstrates Caliber's commitment to its purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.”

Caliber also celebrated National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day on May 16, encouraging San Antonio-area residents to help food-insecure families through donations.

The San Antonio Food Bank said 1 in every 4 children in Bexar County is experiencing food insecurity in the San Antonio area.

The release from Caliber said many Americans experiencing food insecurity are already hampered with rising costs of living, including housing and gas prices.

Caliber officials said they specifically targeted a springtime food drive to provide meals for families and children in need, particularly children who might miss out on subsidized meals as schools close for their summer break.

"From teammates to partners to customers, I am extremely proud of the positive impact our annual food drive has made over the last decade. We operate as a family at Caliber and are driven by our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life – lending a helping hand to children and families facing food insecurity is one of the ways we live our purpose," Caliber CEO and President Mark Sanders said. "During our 11th annual Restoring You Food Drive, we will continue supporting local food banks that provide urgent food assistance in all of the communities that Caliber serves."

Caliber said it hopes to donate more than 4 million meals during its 2022 food drive. Nonperishable food and monetary donations can be made at any Caliber location through June 17, including 13649 W. I-10, and 25627 N. US 281, and 23758 N. US 281.

Additionally, the Caliber Foundation, Caliber's nonprofit arm, is matching all monetary donations it receives for the food drive by 25%. Donations to the Caliber Foundation are tax deductible and can be made by visiting