In recognition of National Children's Dental Health Month, Risas Dental and Braces offices in the San Antonio area will offer free exams and X-rays to children under age 18 throughout February.

A news release said every child who gets signed up for braces will get a free retainer, too. The local dental provider is providing these free services at all Risas locations, including Woodlawn Lake and Culebra Meadows, both in San Antonio, to help children develop healthy habits at a young age, the release said.

By providing free exams and X-rays, Risas can help parents determine if their child will need braces in the near future, according to the release.

“Our team puts patients before profits, and the resources we offer is just one way to help families have confidence when starting their child’s dental health journey,” Risas Dental and Braces CEO Jeff Adams said in a statement.

The release said The American Dental Association’s theme for this year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month is “Brush, Floss, Smile,” with a focus placed on emphasizing the importance of creating healthy smiles with tips, such as brushing at least twice a day, remembering to clean between teeth and eating healthy foods, staying away from sugary beverages, and getting in to see the dentist for regular checkups every six months.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends scheduling children for a checkup with an orthodontist at age 7 or younger if there is a perceived orthodontic issue, the release said.

Risas’ Clinical Director Collin Bowerman said it is important at all stages of adolescence to develop good oral hygiene habits.

"Establishing a thorough dental routine will set the foundation and prepare kids for when and if they need orthodontic care,” Bowerman said in a statement.

The release said Risas supports families throughout the San Antonio area by providing affordable care that is 30%-40% lower than other providers and offering free second opinions regarding treatment. Each year, Risas dentists also provide free services on Labor Day during the Risas Labor of Love event.

New and returning patients can find an office near them and schedule a future appointment by calling 888-321-0029 or by visiting