The City of San Antonio and Herospace, a local digital marketing company, are partnering to help owners of local businesses use online resources and expand their clientele and reach through a federally funded Digital Presence Program.

The background

According to a March 21 news release, local business owners seeking professional digital support may take an online survey to receive a detailed report that will outline the strengths and weaknesses of their online presence.

Eligible business owners must meet size guidelines and be based in San Antonio. Business owners who want extensive assistance with their web presence and digital skills will take priority, city officials said. Owners of small businesses located in current or future city construction project areas may also receive the free digital services, local officials added.

The release stated the program starts with a survey asking small business owners about their websites and digital skills. Business owners then meet with a digital marketing expert from Herospace who will analyze the strengths and weaknesses report, and form a customized plan to improve their online presence related to their website, social media accounts, photos, or videos.

Owners of small businesses that need the most help or are in areas with long-term city construction projects get extra digital help for free, the release stated.

City officials said program participants will learn how to:
  • Build websites and use social media to reach more customers online
  • Get more people to visit and contact their business through the internet
  • Lure potential customers and network with current customers
What they’re saying

City officials said the Digital Presence Program can help owners of many San Antonio businesses, particularly small and mid-sized ventures, to boost their online visibility and connectivity.

“The city of San Antonio is home to a variety of small businesses that each have their own unique business needs,” City Economic Development Director Brenda Hicks-Sorensen said in a statement. “A company’s digital presence can be pivotal for awareness and customer growth which is why we are bringing professional digital services resources where there is a need.”