The city of San Antonio is providing its third annual teenagers’ mental heath survey, which is now open to community members ages 12-19 through April 30.

The background

According to a March 1 news release, the San Antonio Department of Human Services’ San Antonio Youth Commission and the Metropolitan Health District’s Project Worth Teen Ambassadors are offering the survey to gleam insights on what challenges face today’s teenagers, and how best to help them address those issues.

Youth commission representatives said, as a result of past teen mental health surveys, Project Worth Teen Ambassadors and the SAYC partnered with the Center of Health Care Services to offer teen mental health first aid training.

Amrutha Konduru, San Antonio Youth Commission Mental Health and Wellbeing Subcommittee chair, said this training has helped local teens to identify, understand and answer signs of mental health and substance abuse challenges among their friends and peers.

“I firmly believe that the teen mental health survey is essential to understand the complexities of San Antonio youth facing social and emotional challenges,” Konduru said in a statement. “By extracting these data from today’s youth, we are able to identify the root causes of such challenges and compile a list of relevant resources and initiatives to address this prevalent issue.”

Dig deeper

Project Worth Teen Ambassador Luke Mendez said mental health is key toward helping individuals to cope and deal with life’s obstacles.

According to a study published by Mental Health America in November, more than 1 in 10 U.S. youths are experiencing depression, which affects their ability to function at school, work, home, with family, or in their social life.

The study also showed that 1 in 6 youths ages 12-17 reported suffering from at least one major depressive episode in the past year, while 1 in 9 youths reported experiencing severe major depression.

“The teen mental health survey allows youth to express what difficulties they may be struggling with. This is important so others can be aware and offer resources,” Mendez said in a statement.

The Teen Mental Health Survey is available via the community portal