A Hollywood Park City Council member said progress has been made in preliminary planning for a public tribute to past members of the town’s former volunteer fire department.

The background

Council member Glenna Pearce on Jan. 16 briefed council colleagues about an initiative to develop a visible, public spot for a formal Hollywood Park VFD memorial.

Pearce said she has been informally talking with a small handful of residents about the best location and potential design for a memorial, which would recognize individuals who were part of the town's past volunteer fire department.

A plaque honoring the former Hollywood Park VFD is located inside the fire station next to City Hall, but Pearce has proposed providing a more prominent site for such a tribute, possibly at Memorial Park.

Digging deeper

To date, Pearce said, the group of residents have helped to come up with different scenarios for a VFD memorial.

According to Peace, ideas for a memorial include relocating the fire station plaque to a part of Memorial Park, where it would be accompanied by a bench placed upon a brick platform on the ground. The bench and brick platform would feature names of past VFD members.

“Anyone who’s ever been a volunteer [firefighter] in our town, we’d love to have their name engraved here,” Pearce said.

The park memorial could also include a displayed patch bearing the VFD’s old emblem, and a photo of a VFD truck from the 1960s.

Pearce said she and the residents helping to come up with VFD memorial ideas hope a local company would carry out such a project, if approved by council. The group is also soliciting preliminary cost estimates, which range $3,000 to $4,300, Pearce said.

Other council members applauded Pearce’s leadership, and said they hope the VFD memorial becomes a reality at Memorial Park, which they added is a more suitable, prominent spot for such a tribute than inside the fire station.

“I think utilizing an underutilized park provides a tremendous opportunity here,” Mayor Sean Moore said of the triangular pocket park.