Hill Country Village’s new fiscal year 2023-24 budget contains more money for police.

The background

City Council on Sept. 21 approved the budget, which projects $2.01 million in total expenses.

This includes $1.22 million for police—a $90,000 increase from last year.

The budget also includes a $8,600 decrease in spending for public works and a $29,100 reduction for city administrative functions.

Additionally, the new budget features a 6% employee salary increase.

The city projects collecting $2.1 million in total revenue, a $49,000 increase in revenue over last year.

Dig deeper

Hill Country Village is keeping its property tax rate at $0.145 per $100 valuation.

However, the city expects to bring in $35,969 more in property tax revenue over last year due to higher appraisals.