Officials with Harmony Public Schools in San Antonio recently said they would issue two free school uniforms to registered students who will reregister with Harmony in the 2024-25 academic year.

The background

According to an April 10 news release, pledging to provide free school uniforms reflects the commitment Harmony Public Schools’ leaders have toward accessibility and educational equity, and incentivizing local students and their families to consider attending one of their campuses.

Officials with Harmony said wearing school uniforms positively benefits students by promoting equality and reducing bullying as well as enhancing safety and improving overall study ethics.

What they’re saying

Harmony Public Schools Superintendent Selcuk Bakir said he and fellow organizational leaders understand the effect school uniforms have on fostering a cohesive, inclusive and focused academic environment.

"By offering two free uniforms to our students, we are not only easing the financial burden on families but also reinforcing our commitment to a student-centered learning community where every child has the opportunity to succeed,” Bakir said in a statement.