According to Carlo Caballero, co-owner of JK’s Chicago Dogs, it has been a dream come true for him and his wife, Gloria, to own and operate a restaurant that is simple and straightfoward, offering a range of hot dogs with a focus on Chicago-style hot dogs.

The background

Having operated in the Thousand Oaks/Henderson Pass area for several years, the Caballeros have been serving up several kinds of hot dogs, sandwiches and sausages from a small, casual spot in a Hill Country Village retail center since 2018.

Caballero said many people who visit JK’s, which launched in 2008, hail from Chicago and crave Chicago-style cuisine while working or living in San Antonio.

“There are other people who are curious. They see the Chicago style, all those ingredients and toppings, so they say, ‘OK, let’s try it’,” Caballero said.

What’s on the menu?

JK’s offers six varieties of hot dogs, from “the classic” with green relish and yellow mustard to the Chicago, which features relish, mustard, a pickle spear, tomato wedges, sport peppers and chopped onions.

JK’s also offers sandwiches, such as Italian beef, cheesesteaks and gyros. The lineup of sausages includes classic Polish, Wisconsin bratwurst and Maxwell Street Polish.

JK’s does not offer french fries but does invite patrons to bring fries to enjoy with their dishes from JK’s.

“Our customers stop by any place to get their fries, come here and order our food. I'm happy with that as long as they can be happy with us,” Caballero said.