Smoothie King announced it was rolling out a new product, smoothie bowls, nationwide beginning with its San Antonio locations Sept. 27.

According to a news release, Smoothie King is offering six different Smoothie Bowls: three that start off with an açai base and three that have a pitaya base:

The acai bowls include PB Swizzle, Berry Goji Getaway and Go-Go Goji Crunch.

  • PB Swizzle: acai blend, granola, sliced banana, diced strawberries, whole blueberries and peanut butter drizzle

  • Berry Goji Getaway: acai blend, diced mango, diced strawberries, shredded coconut, dried goji berries and honey drizzle

  • Go-Go Goji Crunch: acai blend, granola, diced strawberries, whole blueberries, dried goji berries and honey drizzle

The pitaya bowls include Bee Berry Sting, Hive Five and Purple Delight.

  • Bee Berry Sting: pitaya blend, granola, diced strawberries, diced mango, whole blueberries and honey drizzle

  • Hive Five: pitaya blend, sliced banana, diced mango, shredded coconut, dried goji berries and honey drizzle

  • Purple Delight: pitaya blend, granola, sliced banana, whole blueberries, dried goji berries and peanut butter drizzle

Smoothie King is offering all smoothie bowls at a promotional price of $7.99 for a limited time. The regular Smoothie Bowl price is $9.99.

Company representatives said the new smoothie bowls feature fresh ingredients that will satisfy guests who seeking a made-to-order alternative for breakfast or lunch that is healthier, satiating and flavorful.

“Many of our guests are looking for healthy and satisfying dining options that are also tasty and indulgent,” Smoothie King Vice President of Brand Marketing Shannon Gewinner said in a statement.

Gewinner said San Antonio is an ideal market for the company to launch its smoothie bowls lineup, adding that San Antonio is a vibrant community with a diverse population that enjoys trying new culinary experiences.

“Additionally, San Antonio has more than a dozen higher education institutions that serve more than 120,000 students, and healthy, delicious açai and pitaya bowls are very popular among college-aged individuals and young working adults. They offer the nutrition and fuel they seek between classes, during work breaks and before and after workouts,” Gewinner said.

Gewinner said Smoothie King also chose to debut its new Smoothie Bowls lineup in San Antonio because the company already has a strong presence in this market with 16 locations across the San Antonio metropolitan area, all of which are franchisee owned and operated.

“Our San Antonio franchisees are dedicated supporters of our brand and are extremely valuable members of our team. We know they will enthusiastically support the San Antonio launch of our Smoothie Bowls,” Gewinner said.