San Antonio city officials plan to add two covered pickleball courts at a public senior center near Walker Ranch Park.

The background

According to a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation filing, the city will begin a $400,000 new construction project in early May at the Walker Ranch Senior Center, next to Walker Ranch Park.

The TDLR filing stated that the project will affect 26,500 square footage of space at the north central San Antonio senior center, and add concrete walkways, a drinking fountain, furniture and lighting. The project is due to wrap up in September 2024.

Dig deeper

Local officials said the growth of pickleball in recent years have prompted addition of pickleball courts at various public parks and recreational facilities across San Antonio.

According to a recent report from the nonprofit organization USA Pickleball, more than 11,800 public spots nationwide accommodate pickleball. The USA Pickleball report stated that membership in pickleball leagues and programs grew to more than 78,700 participants in 2023.