The city of San Antonio unveiled a new website at aimed at improving access to information and public services for residents.

The new site is more mobile-friendly for residents accessing the site from a phone or other digital device, easier to navigate and user-oriented, according to a news release.

“Our website is the first impression many people have of our city," City Manager Erik Walsh said. “It also is the portal that allows community members to connect with local government and is one of the city’s most important tools for delivering information and services to the community.”

The new website also prioritizes accessibility and was designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which enables those with vision, hearing and other physical disabilities to more easily use the site.

“Users can expect to see a modern design complemented by updated graphic buttons, easy navigation and a new layout,” said Alanna Reed, the city’s communications and engagement director.

She went on to say the new website focuses on information and services, and is designed to make the user experience “simple, timely, inclusive and accessible.”

Work will continue throughout this year to continue to improve the website and move information from to the new

Residents and website users can provide feedback on their experience with the site at