California-based massage therapy franchise Squeeze on June 30 announced its fifth location will open July 14 in San Antonio at 7978 Broadway St., near Alamo Heights.

According to a news release, Squeeze’s local 2,389-square-foot space will holds eight massage suites.

Brittany Driscoll, co-founder and CEO of Squeeze, said Squeeze was created to provide a convenient, personalized and quality massage experience and an easygoing environment for customers.

“In partnership with our Alamo Heights operating partner, Nicole Wilson, we’re thrilled to bring Squeeze to San Antonio and are excited about the future growth potential of the brand throughout the state of Texas,” Driscoll said.

Representatives for Squeeze said, through the Squeeze app and website, customers can book, set personalized preferences, pay, tip, rate and review. Each massage is tailored to the customer’s liking, including pressure, music, lighting and the ability to tap a “ready button" letting the therapist know to return in-room to begin the massage.

The release states personalized preferences are saved to customers’ profiles and reviewed by massage therapists prior to appointments so Squeeze knows exactly what each patron wants each and every time.

Each massage includes the visitor’s choice of deep tissue, heat therapy, aromatherapy and percussion therapy at no extra cost. Memberships start at $95 a month for a mid-squeeze, the brand’s 50-minute table massage.

Having first opened in Los Angeles in 2019, Squeeze is expanding with more than 70 franchises in the works nationwide, as the company works with a local operating partner to develop and oversee each location.

Wilson, who is leading the first San Antonio Squeeze location near Alamo Heights, said she left a successful corporate career in May 2021 after feeling unfulfilled in balancing her work and family life.

“I realized I had been living to work rather than working to live and, with three kids, that wasn’t an example I wanted to continue to set for them. I planned to take six months off, then go back, but none of the positions I interviewed for felt like they would have any better work-life balance than I had before,” Wilson said in a statement.

Wilson said she learned about Squeeze from an Instagram ad, got a massage from a Squeeze franchise and embraced the idea of owning her own franchise.

“I love Squeeze’s feel-good branding, how everything is app based, and my personal favorite thing about the actual massage process is the little button you 'pat' on the side of your bed when you are ready for the massage therapist to enter the room—no more rushing to get undressed and under the covers before you hear the dreaded knock on the door,” she said.

Squeeze representatives said for every membership sold, Squeeze is helping to provide a day of canine support to a person with a disability through Canine Companions, the nation’s leading dog service provider.