Certified clinical nutritionist Sarah Treat and her husband, Jason, opened Local Health Market in North San Antonio’s Inwood neighborhood in 2016, hoping to provide the public with healthy to-go meals, beverages and supplements, and teach customers to care for their bodies in a more comprehensive way.

“We want to provide healthy, delicious meals to busy people. We want to make it more accessible,” Sarah said. “We want to let people know there’s a convenient product that can replace some of the fast food and not-so-good food that they’re eating a lot of. We just want to help San Antonio get healthier.”

The healthy to-go meals, snacks, smoothies, and other beverages and sports nutrition items are featured in Local Health Market’s retail portion alongside professional- and practitioner-grade brand supplements researched and chosen by Sarah.

The Treats’ business venture has a commercial-grade kitchen that focuses on fresh, organic ingredients while producing 1,000 to-go meals a week.

According to Jason, the to-go breakfast dishes, salads, soups, entrees and family-style offerings are rich in proteins and nutrients and low in sodium and calories, and leave consumers full and satisfied.

Customers may preorder meals for pickup or delivery, or visit the store and see what meals are still available.

Meal examples include chicken pot pie, sweet potato chili, keto breakfast muffins or salmon Greek salad.

Fresh smoothies are made with organic ingredients and without sugar or artificial sweeteners, Jason said.

“We’re also offering healthy alternative baked goods, such as almond flour cookies, paleo brownies and gluten-free protein muffins,” Jason added.

On the venture’s nutritional counseling side, Sarah serves anyone who wants a custom program to reach their health-related goals, whether it be losing weight, detoxification, a healthier mindset and appetite, reducing stress, or correcting hormonal imbalance.

She and her nutritional coaching team have 60-75 active clients at any one time and accepts 25-30 new clients a month.

Sarah typically coaches an individual for 90 days but occasionally counsels a person for four to six weeks or four to six months.

She helps her clients get used to a new dining regimen; become accountable for achieving the program’s goals; and develop a sustainable, healthier strategy.

“We create customized health programs for people based on what their unique health concerns and goals are,” Jason said.

16535 Huebner Road, Ste. 112, San Antonio. 210-455-7892. www.local-health-market.myshopify.com