Owner Lisa Neubauer describes her business, Homestead Handcrafts, as a one-stop indoor craft mall where visitors go up and down aisles of handmade arts and crafts, and browse to their heart’s content.

“We have clothes, jewelry, antiques, accessories, collectibles, baby clothing—we have something for everybody,” Neubauer said of Homestead Handcrafts, which has locations on Blanco Road near Stone Oak and along Thousand Oaks Drive on the Northeast Side.

The Blanco Road store was the first to open more than 19 years ago, Neubauer said, adding that it was the result of her creating and selling crafts while she was raising her two children, Miles and Spencer.

Homestead Handcrafts invites artisans and crafters to choose a booth size and use it to showcase and sell their items all day everyday while Neubauer and her colleagues handle each sale.

The wares at Homestead Handcrafts run the gamut from seasonal wreaths, paintings and large porch sign boards to vintage vinyl records, decorative glassware and furniture.

According to Neubauer, all sorts of antiques can be found at Homestead Handcrafts. A recent visit to the Blanco Road store turned up a pair of bronzed baby shoes, a TV show-themed lunch pail, glassware and a set of tools.

Neubauer said many repeat customers buy things, especially antiques and collectibles, that remind them of something similar they may have owned or seen in their younger days or reminds them of a beloved family member from their past.

“It’s a fun atmosphere here. It’s a wonderful place to shop, and you may find something you wouldn’t find at the big-box stores,” she said.

Neubauer also said many patrons enjoy acquiring vintage items or modern home decorations featuring a Texan touch.

“Almost everybody is from Texas, and we sell a lot of Texas items to people who are visiting, and they want to take a piece of Texas back home with them,” she said.