Real estate data for ZIP codes in New Braunfels showed downward movement on median home prices when comparing year over year from May 2023 to May 2024. The 78130 ZIP code showed an 8.6% decline in prices year over year to $320,000, and the 78132 ZIP code showed a 22.3% decline to $439,000.

The breakdown

The data provided by the Four Rivers Association of Realtors also showed decreases in the number of homes sold and the number of homes under contract as well as increases in the amount of time homes spent on the market.

Home sales volume decreased year over year in 78130 by 8.4% and 3.74% in 78132.

The amount of time homes spent on the market was up slightly in 78130—by 2.2%—but up more than 20% in 78132. Homes were on the market an average of 93 days in 78130 and 112 days in 78132.

One more thing

The vast majority of homes sold in May remained within the $300,000-$499,999 range and the $400,000-$599,999 price range when combined. There were 11 homes sold in the $750,000-$999,999 range, and eight sold for more than $1 million.