Air Methods, an air medical transport service, unveiled its latest expansion with the launch of a fixed-wing base in New Braunfels in November, introducing a faster and more efficient means of air transport for critical patients across the state.

The details

The medical transport’s mission, said Stephanie Estep, account executive for Air Methods’ Texas region, is:
  • Enhanced critical care transport
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Efficient and safe transport
The New Braunfels base, located at 1654 Entrance Drive in the New Braunfels National Airport, is one of four bases they operate in Texas, along with Waco, Uvalde, and Snyder. It is the only base in Texas that operates fixed-wing aircraft, Estep said.

The fixed-wing aircraft stationed at the New Braunfels base offers a quicker and more efficient way to transport patients over longer distances compared to helicopters, Estep said. It requires a runway for takeoff and landing, enabling faster travel times for critical patients, she said.

“If you're going from Austin to San Antonio in a helicopter, it would take 45 minutes,” Estep said. “You could get there in like 20 minutes with the fixed wing."

The aircraft stationed in New Braunfels have the range to service the entire state of Texas, providing emergency and nonemergency air medical services, Estep said.

Diving in deeper

The decision to establish the New Braunfels base was influenced by the area's growth and the increasing demand for medical transportation services.

“One of the reasons why I think New Braunfels is a good spot is because there's a lot of growth out [this] way," Estep said, highlighting the Central Texas market and the significant expansion and development in the area over the years.

Coordination between the company's communication center, local emergency services, and hospitals is crucial to ensure seamless and efficient patient transfers, Estep said, with the company prioritizing safety in its operations.

Community outreach and engagement is important in integrating into the New Braunfels community, Estep said, ensuring that the company's presence aligns with the community's needs and expectations.

What’s next

While there are no immediate plans for additional bases in Texas, Air Methods remains open to future expansion opportunities.

However, the focus is on strengthening the existing bases and integrating them effectively into the communities they serve.

"As far as the future goes ... I think it is just bringing the community together and making sure that we can be the best fit and the best partner."