Darkside Brick Oven Pizza Co. is the Texas Hill Country’s newest restaurant that brings plenty of pop-culture nostalgia.

The setup

The restaurant has "Star Wars," "Back to the Future" and other props and memorabilia in the dining area such as "E.T.," "Jaws," "Superman," "Indiana Jones," "The Terminator" and more.

The new eatery opened to the public May 9. Owner Micheal Hawes said he has a private 5,000-square-foot collection of memorabilia, posters and props from his favorite '70s and '80s movies and shows.

“I wanted to open a restaurant and bring people some nostalgia from some of the things I love,” Hawes said.

On the menu

Darkside Brick Oven Pizza Co. offers signature pizzas, including BBQ Brisket and The Veggie. Other menu items include salads, sandwiches, appetizers and deserts. Customers can also create their own pizzas.