Comal County has updated its agreement with New Braunfels to streamline fire code enforcement in the Mayfair and Veramendi developments, giving the city full responsibility for inspections and compliance.

The details

The amendment aims to enhance efficiency by consolidating all fire safety responsibilities under the New Braunfels Fire Marshal's Office, Fire Chief Ruy Lozano said at a July 2 Comal County Commissioners Court meeting.

The amendment makes it clear that the city of New Braunfels will handle enforcing fire codes, doing inspections and issuing permits for businesses in Mayfair and Veramendi.

The county fire marshal's office will no longer share this responsibility, reducing confusion and improving efficiency, Lozano said.

What they’re saying

The amendment will eliminate interagency conflicts and ensure a consistent application of fire codes.

“The goal is really to avoid entering any costly interagency conflicts between two separate agencies,” Lozano said.

This change is expected to improve customer service for developers and residents in these growing areas, Lozano said, providing a seamless process for fire safety enforcement and permitting.