Made with locally-sourced honey, Valkyrie’s Kiss Mead opened its new storefront June 7 at 6500 State Hwy. 46 W., New Braunfels.

A closer look

For two years, Army veteran and New Braunfels native Isaac Pruna crafted each beverage and established the company in 2023.

“There were a lot of obstacles in the beginning, but I loved the thought of making my own mead and creating something naturally sourced," Pruna said.

Traditional mead is an alcoholic beverage made with honey, yeast and water, Pruna said. The honey is locally-sourced from Youngblood Honey and Holdman Honey. Other mead flavors include apple, cherry, strawberry and bourbon.

One more thing

Isaac said their new tasting room is now open for reservations at $15 per person. Mead fans are also welcome to join Valkyrie’s membership club. Their website includes an online shop featuring all beverages and T-shirts.