Central Market shoppers have likely noticed an interesting feature in the produce section, specifically where the store keeps its mushrooms: it looks something like a glowing, futuristic refrigerator full of fungi, but in fact, these contraptions are mini mushroom farms, where specialty varieties of the produce are grown and harvested for customers.

This technology comes from a company called Smallhold. Smallhold makes these mini-farms, but it also operates a growing network of larger mushroom farms outside major cities across the United States, including one in Buda, Texas. On the Oct. 14 episode of the Austin Breakdown, host Olivia Aldridge treks to Smallhold's Buda farm, tucked away in a nondescript industrial park warehouse. Inside, the building teems with life, from bright yellow golden oyster mushrooms to the cloud-like Lion's Mane variety.

Listen to hear how Smallhold is investing in mushrooms as "the future of food," plus more news and info from around the Austin metro, including an update on the downtown Innovation District.