Over the course of a year, more than 32,000 people visit the grounds of T Bar M Camps & Retreats as a camper, a family member or a conference group, Dudley Callison said.

Once a private camp, T Bar M Camps & Retreats is trying to change its image in the community.

Callison is the president of T Bar M Camps & Retreats. He moved from Colorado to take the role after being a “camp dad” for years.

For him, he said it’s like a home away from home, and that is how he wants the community to feel about the campus as well.

“This facility is not just for people of like-faith, though,” Callison said. “A corporation that brings their employees here may have people of all different kinds of faith traditions, and this is our chance to serve them with great hospitality.”

T Bar M Camps & Retreats is a year-round Christian ministry camp and retreat organization.

The staff holds three different camp programs throughout the summer months: a day camp, an overnight camp and a family camp. It also offers various retreats throughout the school year.

On the grounds of the retreat are an 80-bedroom lodge and multiple conference rooms that are booked out during the school year by businesses, schools, government groups and other organizations. The facility offers everything from “lunch and learns” to week-long corporate retreats.

This year, T Bar M Camps & Retreats will host various events in order to open its gates to more people in and around the New Braunfels area.

“There is a sign that you pass under [on your way to the Welcome Center] that says, ‘Love God. Love each other,’” Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Randi Beth Burton said.

“That has been a driving theme for every one of our platforms,” she said. “The mission of our staff is always for that message to be known and acted out in the way that we serve our groups. Events are a continuation of this mission in the community.”

T Bar M Camps & Retreats
2549 Hwy. 46, New Braunfels
Hours: Mon.-Sun. 8.a.m.-5 p.m.