Eanes ISD elementary students are able to accelerate a grade level, and middle and high schoolers can earn credit for a course by taking an examination and showing the appropriate level of mastery.

A district’s board of trustees must address alternative methods for earning credit through credit-by-examination when a student has not had prior instruction, staff documents said. EISD approved the acceleration assessments used in its district at the March 26 meeting.

Recent changes to state code modified the credit-by-examination-test development and validation requirements to ensure continued availability of examinations to school districts.

EISD trustees approved the use of credit-by-examination assessments through various sources, including:

  • Texas Tech University;

  • The University of Texas at Austin;

  • Eanes ISD;

  • College Board (Advanced Placement); and

  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Procedures for kindergarten acceleration updated

The board approved an additional acceleration item related to kindergartners.

To allow a child who is 5 years old at the beginning of the school year to be assigned to first grade rather than kindergarten, staff documents stated certain criteria must be met:

  • scores on readiness tests or achievement tests that may be administered by appropriate district personnel;

  • recommendation of the kindergarten or preschool the student has attended;

  • chronological age and observed social and emotional development of the student; and

  • other criteria deemed appropriate by the principal and superintendent.