Updated Feb. 25

Now that the deadline to file for candidacy for the May 4 election has passed, residents can start getting more familiar with the names that will be on the ballot.

In Fort Bend ISD, 16 people have filed for three board of trustees positions. In Sugar Land, eight people have filed for four district City Council positions.

Here is who will be on the ballot for FBISD elections: 

Position 3:
Jim Rice (incumbent)
Sam Popuri
Ashish Agrawal
Afshi Charania

Position 5: (deadline to file is March 4)
Cynthia Lenton Gary
Jason A. Dobrolecki
Pam D. Sutherland
Lily Q. Lam
Allison Drew

Position 7:
Christine (Tina) Michie
Rudy Sutherland Jr.
Ferrel Bonner
Nadine B. Skinner
Monica Riley
Holland Poulsen
Dave Rosenthal (incumbent)

Here is who will be on the ballot for Sugar Land City Council elections: 

District 1
Steve Porter (incumbent)
Mohammad "Jazz" Aijaz

District 2
David Gornet
Nabila Mansoor
Naushad Kermally

District 3
Stewart Jacobson

District 4
Carol McCutcheon (incumbent)
William Ferguson