Fireworks prohibited and a traffic initiative: Holiday safety in Cedar Park

Cedar Park residents may want to be extra cautious when it comes to traffic and fire safety this holiday season.

In an effort to minimize traffic accidents throughout the holidays, the Cedar Park Police Department will ramp up enforcement Dec. 21-Jan. 1, according to a statement from the department.

Officers plan to look for drivers speeding, driving distracted or impaired, and violating seat belt or intersection laws, according to the statement.

“The holiday time tends to be a potentially dangerous time for collisions involving intoxicated drivers, speeding and distracted driving," Sgt. Chris Dailey told Community Impact Newspaper. "We want people to drive safely all year round, but the holidays serve as a good reminder to emphasize the dangers of drinking and driving, driving at excessive speeds, and using cell phones while driving.”

Additionally the Cedar Park Fire Department reminded residents in a Dec. 20 statement fireworks are illegal both in the city and within 5,000 feet of city limits without a special permit. People in areas within the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction that are served by the Cedar Park Fire Department are also prohibited from possessing fireworks. To find out where outside city limits fireworks are not allowed within Williamson County, readers may check out this county map.

“The reason we have zero tolerance with fireworks is that we’ve seen serious injuries and property damage from them,” Fire Chief James Mallinger said in the statement. “What starts out as a good time can easily end in a tragedy and ruin the holiday season.”

The fine issued to people possessing fireworks illegally is $189, according to the statement.

In the same statement the fire department asked residents to be careful to prevent house fires while cooking, heating homes and decorating for the holidays.