Ongoing Projects

  1. The Texas Department of Transportation’s $3.8 million improvement of Hwy. 105 between I-45 and Hwy. 75 in Conroe includes adding a raised median, sidewalks and public transit stops. The timeline is anticipated to be pushed back to early 2019 due to a combination of additional work and design revisions. The project has reached 78 percent completion, according to TxDOT.
    Estimated timeline: October 2016-early 2019

  2. A two-phase TxDOT project to expand FM 3083 and widen the road from two to four lanes from east of Hwy. 75 to Loop 336 North in Conroe is 59 percent complete. Phase 1, which includes building a bridge over the Union Pacific Corp. railroad tracks, was sent out for bids Aug. 8.
    Estimated timeline: July 2016-fourth quarter 2018 (Phase 1)

  3. A TxDOT project to repair FM 149 between the south Montgomery city limits and Keenan Cut Off Road is 96 percent complete and awaiting final approval. The project’s cost was increased to $3.2 million to fix Hurricane Harvey damage and to add a right-turn lane at Montgomery Elementary School.
    Estimated timeline: July 2017-second quarter 2018

  4. The city of Conroe continues expanding Wilson Road from two to four lanes between I-45 and Frazier Street, adding sidewalks, curb and gutter improvements, streetlights and a traffic signal at Frazier Street. The $4.7 million project is 36 percent complete, and Phase 1 road closures will be complete in early September.
    Estimated timeline: April 16, 2018-Jan. 22, 2019

    Recent Updates

    5. Downtown Conroe traffic signals
    A Conroe project is adding three new traffic signals in downtown Conroe at Davis and Thompson streets, Davis and San Jacinto streets, and Phillips and San Jacinto streets. A permit was approved for contractor
    Traffic Systems Inc.
    Timeline: Jan. 8-Oct. 7
    Cost: $607,607
    Funding source: city of Conroe

6. Buffalo Springs Drive bridge repair
The Buffalo Springs Drive bridge repair includes adding four inlet drains and substantial dirt and concrete work to support drainage entryways. The project has been extended from its original completion date of mid-June to late August because poor weather days delayed construction.
Timeline: January-late August
Cost: $1 million
Funding sources: Federal Emergency Management Agency, state grant

7. FM 1097 widening
TxDOT will soon begin work on a project to widen FM 1097 between I-45 and Anderson Road in Willis from two to four lanes and adding a continuous left-turn lane. The project is being done to add capacity and improve safety on the roadway.
Timeline: fourth quarter 2018-early 2021
Cost: $14.96 million
Funding sources: TxDOT, federal funds

8. Grace Crossing Road extension
The city of Conroe is working to extend Grace Crossing Road from the north side of FM 1488 to Walter Woodson Drive. The project includes a two-lane roadway, curb and gutter, a storm sewer and landscaping.
Timeline: July 12-Oct. 10
Cost: $402,672
Funding sources: city of Conroe


9. Hwy. 75 widening
A TxDOT project to widen Hwy. 75 from two to four lanes between Gladstell Street and the I-45 underpass is 100 percent complete.
Timeline: Jan. 12-late June 2018
Cost: $1.13 million
Funding source: TxDOT

10. FM 149 repairs north of Montgomery
TxDOT completed a project to repair and resurface FM 149 between FM 1791 and FM 1097, north of Montgomery, and adding a 5-foot-wide shoulder.
Timeline: January 2016-Aug. 1
Cost: $11.2 million
Funding sources: TxDOT, federal funds