Sugar Land’s citizen-led Redistricting Advisory Committee unanimously approved a recommendation for updated boundaries during an Aug. 14 meeting to be presented to City Council tomorrow, Aug. 21 during a regular meeting.

Here is an overview of the recommended updated boundary lines:

The new district boundary map places 27,037 residents in District 1; 26,365 residents in District 2; 26,966 residents in District 3; and 28,329 residents in District 4.

With the annexation of Greatwood and New Territory in December, the population needed to be redistributed among the four single-council member districts. Between annexation and the May city council elections, New Territory was temporarily assigned to District 2 as 2-I, and Greatwood was temporarily assigned to District 4 as 4-I.

The ideal size for each district was 27,174 residents, based on dividing the 2010 census population of 108,697 by four. Upon annexation, Sugar Land’s population increased to 117,869.

A high-priority goal throughout the process is ensuring each district reflects the overall population of Sugar Land.

For more information about redistricting, click here.