Williamson County Commissioners select members of Salary Grievances Committee

The Williamson County Courthouse on the Georgetown Square

The Williamson County Courthouse on the Georgetown Square

Members of the 2019 Salary Grievances Committee were randomly selected during a regular Williamson County Commissioners Court meeting Tuesday.

The committee was established for Williamson County elected officials in the instance that they disagree with the salary set by the commissioners.

“If the elected officials don’t like the salary that the commissioners set for them, the local government set forth a process by which a grievance committee … can pull together and hear the case of whatever elected officials chooses to do that,” Precinct 3 Commissioner Valerie Covey said.

The committee will serve, if needed in a one-time meeting tentatively set for Thursday, Aug. 23.

Nine members and 18 alternatives were selected at random from a bucket of names of individuals who sat on a grand jury trial over the last year. They are members of the public and registered voters.

“Your participation to serve as a committee member is an essential part of maintaining the civic
infrastructure of the county and an integral part of the budgeting process,” reads the letter informing the committee members they were selected.

The nine members selected were:

  • Kenneth Beckstrom

  • Amber Benskin

  • Diana Nava

  • Sean Winslow

  • Agnes Nortey

  • Josefina Martinez

  • Ryan Granger

  • Debra Gardner

  • Christopher Muat

  • Leah Keesee

  • Timothy Milligan

If those individuals cannot participate for whatever reason, 18 alternates were selected.

Those names were:

  • Jennifer Elkins

  • Taji Hall

  • Lura Wingate

  • John Sedgwick

  • Jesse Hunter

  • Patricia Chapman

  • James Banks

  • Kamri Irvin

  • Randall Persky

  • Randall Pierce

  • Charlotte Pope

  • Erin Selvera

  • Jose Lopez, III

  • Nicole Hohensee

  • Malinda Walker

  • Jason Vogel

  • Leah Keesee

  • Timothy Milligan